Just a thought about automatic arranger for renoise songs mainly for electronic/dance music.
As we know scheme of electronic songs is very the same in each.

Let say we got one pattern with tagged track names like:
basedrum1 drumloop1 drumloop2 drumloop3 fill1 bassline1 bassline2 helperbassline1 sidemelody1 sidemelody2
mailmelody1 pads1 etc.

Lower number the highest priority track has.

Based on that we can create transformation templates from which the tool could build whole song.

I am thinking about implementing something like that in spare time soon.

Other thing is that you could provide just the chord schema, or even ask the tool to create one for you and the tool could generate basslines, melodies and stuff.

Last step is to load it back to renoise and adjust instruments, overall mix etc.


what about automatic track writing?))))

You are aware of the existance of this page, right? RPG, Renoise Track Generator, PsyMachine?

Have you read my message ? My idea is completely different :)

write songs yourself.

If songs were written by my app i can assume them as written by me :)

then write the app and keep it to yourself.

Hi. I am an app that was written by my author to both write songs and engage with the renoise forum. My author is taking credit for some of my best works. As far as I can tell I have no legal recourse because I am not “sentient”. I was wondering if any of you have any advice on how to deal with this bastard?

Hi elcct

Just ignore the stupid comments you get from some people…

I’ve had similar ideas of an “arranger” but still somewhat different. I’m using the scripting language Python and my approach is basically to enter chords in a textfile with additional style codes. Such as this:

Dm1, C1, Gm1, A#1, Dm2, Dm2, F2, Csus2|C3

which the script will then translate into:

rows 00-15 in pattern: place out the data ascribed to the chord D minor on each of the 8 channels that are used for style 1 (drums, pads, bass, arpeggios, etc).

rows 16-31 in pattern: place out the data ascribed to the chord C major… etc


With Csus2|C3 the script would place out 8 rows in C sus (playing in style 2) and following 8 rows in C major (playing in style 3)

…you get the general idea.

I haven’t coded this properly yet, but if you have any ideas or wish to discuss your own approach further, I’ll be willing to do so.

Well Transcender and elcct, even if most of the posters above were taking the piss, I think it’s a great idea. Please post if you make any progress, I’d love to see what can be done!

I am dropping the idea for now. I see the only thinkg stopping me from doing music is lack of arranger in renoise. So i am getting my hands dirty with JUCE framework now and i will try to create Renoise clone with arranger :) I can’t wait anymore. I hope i will make it.

It’s a shame you’re dropping the idea, but I can’t wait to see what you do with Juce. I agree, so much electronic music follows certain patterns as far as arrangement goes, and even though pattern creation is a breeze in Renoise, arranging a 9 minute techno track is extremely laborious.

An arranger program that would give you a basic template arrangement based on the patterns you give it (bassline1, bassline2, drums1, drums2, sfx1, etc - just like you said) would speed things up massively and would give you a starting point for an arrangement, which you can then tweak. I think it’s an awesome idea.

I know that people are saying ‘why don’t you just let the computer write a whole track for you?’ and things like that, but I see nothing but praise for the numerous track generators that keep appearing. In my eyes it’s the same thing - you just use the track generator as a source of inspiration, and the same would apply to an ‘auto-arrange-dance-music’ program. You write the loops yourself, and the program gives you a starting point to arrange from.

I’d rather spend most of my time writing the meat of the track, than spend two days arranging the patterns & blocks into the similar arrangements that the genres demand.

I can’t wait to see what you do, thanks!

I checked out the JUCE framework (downloaded the pre-compiled demo at and it was very inspiring. Too bad I spent time on chasing women in my days instead of chasing more knowledge of a real programming language such as C++.

Anyway, good luck with your efforts. In a case such as this one wished that taktik had a stripped down Renoise version up his sleeve to distribute with source, so that other potential developers could study and build further applications upon. (By “stripped” I mean, take away features such as the mixer, the sampler, the audio engine, etc.)