Autocolor tool: Track background blend not remembered

I build a template, where I color the reverb tracks a bit:
Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-03 um 19.09.46

After saving and reloading the template, the blend setting is lost for some tracks:
Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-03 um 19.10.44

Happens also, if I make a new group while having the bass track selected.

Seems to be caused by @Airmann 's auto color tool…

thanks for the hint. Possible that it’s a bug

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also I was wondering, why your tool need to alter all the track colors at all, on song load? Isn’t it enough to only alter when the track name actually is changed?

There also is another bug in the tool: As soon as you delete the very most right send track, you will get an error that no track object is exisiting anymore. Maybe the “removed” event implies that the track object alrady is gone or something?

A third bug might be related to color undo: As soon as other tools also change the track colors, your tool then seems to alter the colors, too. This seems to results into a flood of color change undo entries… Might be the same problem as the first above: If your tool only was altering the color(s) on track name, this might be gone.