As the title says…

I find my self, 99 times out of 100, loading the last song i was working on, each time i open renoise. It would be cool, if you could set renoise to automatically load the last opened/saved song.

try under File => Open Recently Loaded Songs => …

you can also save your song as a template (under “Song settings”) if you really need to

that’s not quite the same though…

when you save the song as a template, it is the same, or am I missing something?

No it is not but there is currently an autoload feature that operates when Renoise starts and it has no use to let it autoload a template and the last worked song at the same time.

Open Recent saved song is the best bet in this case and not such a bad compromise either.

But the point is that you can start Renoise and then do something else while Renoise starts up and loads the last used song? Then again I don’t know, I just assumed that, and open recently loaded songs requires user interaction.

A toggle in the prefs: upon startup, load [template song][last opened song]…?

You know, when you just reply with a workaround without even saying something to the effect of “suggestion noted”, that kinda gives off the vibe that you think the suggestion is not important, and that happens all the time on these forums. It’s bad enough when users do this, but when it comes from Renoise team members it’s worse. The workarounds posted are usually interesting, but this is the suggestions forum… that by definition means that yes, if you take a thread here seriously it will involve code changes.

If someone wants workarounds, they’ll ask for them, and replying to a suggestion with a workaround as if it was an actual reply just sucks.

well, if my opinion has still a value even if I’m an hated workaround provider, this is what I call bad design.

The suggestion can be a good one or has a lesser priority, they are all read and taken in account. The workaround offered is more a sign of “Sorry it’s not in here yet but this is the way that you can use to have a solution right now”.

There are many users inside and outside this forum reading this stuff. That the poster did not asked for workarounds does not mean it wouldn’t be useful to add a workaround to the request.

Whether a suggestion is important or not is not really for a team member to say unless past debates about the topic have proven that the majority didn’t like the suggestion at all.

And if broken VST decides to crash your program on init. :P Seen that to many times. :)

I start Renoise by double clicking the song I want to work on…

I disagree. Hence why this is a public forum, and people can post their opinions about things, including work arounds for anonymous readers who aren’t the original poster.

Forum conversations aren’t linear, as your unsolicited rant against workarounds will attest to.

I’m not against workarounds… and just a small nod would be enough… even just calling it it a workaround. “here’s a workaround”, or “here’s something that is possible right now”. Yeah, I’m splitting hairs maybe… but to me there’s a difference when that kind of “introduction” is left out.

With what exactly? That threads in the suggestions forum aim at code changes? That replying with a just a workaround without even half a sentence to lead into the workaround gives off the vibe (TO ME) that the suggestion has been disregarded?

Or rather, that it gives off that vibe to others? Well, okay. I’m anal as fuck, and I’d be surprised if that many people share my concerns.

Yeah, only I didn’t rant against workarounds I ranted against the way they’re posted. When I had that sig it said “everytime you RESPOND TO a feature suggestion with a workaround, I cry” - NOT “when you post a workaround I cry.”. It’s the “as if it was an actual response” bit that gets me.

It’s like the difference between “how can I do [x] on Windows” and someone replying “use Linux” instead of “I don’t know, but I know it’s possible with Linux”. Ahh fuggedaboudid, you peeps just read words differently than me and that’s okay I guess.

Thanks though for educating me on the nature of the intarwebs. You’ve never ever seen me really rant. ;)

uhm, then just don’t autoload if Renoise didn’t exit properly…

“use Linux” is a valid response, regardless of your sig, or your sensitivity?

“Here’s a workaround: use Linux” is better?

This thread derailing into a discussion that has nothing to do with Autoload far supersedes people posting “rude” advice.

Workarounds are useful. I’m glad people post them. I learn something every now and then.

I’m also glad threads derail. Otherwise i’d read magazines. And write emails.

People read a topic, and post an answer based on what they are reading. They don’t start a separate thread called “workarounds for feature requests posted in another thread that reminded me of this workaround - please see other thread for source of inspiration as this post makes no sense on it’s own dot com”?

It’s a forum, people post. “everytime you RESPOND TO a feature suggestion with a workaround, I cry” are your tears, not mine.

Me, I smile.

like, whatever. if putting words in my mouth even after I corrected you is what floats your boat, rock on…

I know how to manually load the recently loaded or saved songs. And saving every new song as a template is also, as johan said, is indeed a userinteractive action as well. There is really no workaround here as the suggestion is all about timesaving and workflow. I just thought it would be very convienient and a basic thing to add to the code…

Hold down Ctrl, alt or shift while renoise starts to load blank song, could do it.

well then, sorry for revamping another workaround, but I’d use Conner’s approach by doubleclicking a desktop shortcut to the song.

I can’t really see this feature as a good thing… Personally, I much prefer ordering songs by date in the disk browser, so I always have the latest song on top of the songs list, but maybe that’s because I mostly always have more than one song in progress.

Why isn’t a feature you don’t need but that doesn’t get in the way even if you don’t need it a good thing? I’m sure more people would use this, than say, the master scope (which serves no discernable purpose at all), although I personally wouldn’t use it either.

Is it just “Oh no, another configuration switch… people will be confused”? It’s a tracker for crying out loud. It’s a trivial feature, it’s useful for some, not for you… so? Sometimes it seems like some are afraid of code or something… but generally speaking (doesn’t really apply to this feature) anything that is remotely progressive can and will break sometimes… nobody uses Renoise to do surgery or control nuclear plants.

(Taktik giving priority to other things is a completely different matter. I’m not saying it HAS to be implemented because it is trivial and would make sense, I consider that given. But apart from that… geeeeeeez. wtf. Armchair coders are worse than bad coders.)

Thomas Knark, this thread has derailed, apologies in advance.

Wow, utterly ridiculous. Even worse, you chose this specific feature as your platform for whatever righteous cause this is supposed to be; highlighting that the only thing worse than armchair coders are people who talk about code but have no idea what they are talking about.

As I am a person of average intelligence at best, let me outline how I came to this solution.

  • You can launch renoise by double-clicking on a XRNS
  • Renoise maintains a list of recently open files
  • Everything in and out of Renoise is XML

That last line is important. Many months were spent on that feature so people could do what they wanted without launching into indignant diatribes. Here’s the code to “AUTOLAUNCH”, in PHP of all languages.

<?php <br />  
$renoise = 'open'; // OS X specific `open` command, change according to your needs  
$config = '/Users/dac514/Library/Preferences/Renoise/V2.0.0/config.xml'; // Renoise config, change to yours  
$xml = simplexml_load_file($config);  
$autoload = escapeshellarg($xml->RecentFiles->RecentFile[0]);  
exec("$renoise $autoload");  

Five lines. Written in less time that it took for you to rant. And in less time it took me to write this post. Stick that on your Desktop. Give it a pretty icon. Problem solved.

Let me tie your shoelace while i’m at it, or do you have a speech ready for that one too?

Wow that will do.

So the code should look something like this?

<?php $renoise = 'open'; // OS X specific `open` command, change according to your needs $config = 'C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Renoise\V2.0.0\Config.xml'; // Renoise config, change to yours $xml = simplexml_load_file($config); $autoload = escapeshellarg($xml->RecentFiles->RecentFile[0]); exec("$renoise $autoload"); ?>

What do I call the extension? I´m on a PC. I tried .XML .PHP and .EXE …and it doesnt work

Also, I think the root of the renoise.exe needs to be specified as well in the code… But I wouldnt know how.

And im not ready to take up coding right now.

Hi, Thomas. The code is an example. (well it works on my mac, but i’m a PHP developer and have it set up with a focus on PHP)

I don’t know if you have PHP on your system, so it might be convoluted for you to use the above as an example. Are you on Windows?

Ideally, someone could write it as a BATCH file. Or a Visual Basic application called “LAUNCHER” for Windows.

The point was that this is 5 lines of code, that on most machines would qualify as a BATCH file.

Your feature is as good a request as any. For me this thread derailed into the value of workarounds. And for this specific feature a DIY approach is entirely possible. So for me, i think workarounds are ALWAYS interesting.

Maybe someone with a Windows machine can write a batch file? On linux you could do it with GREP and a few pipes.