Automap VST Instruments to automation by moving VST GUI knob

Hi- I am new here so appo9logies if there is already a way to do this but I cant seem to find it.
I am enjoying Renoise having recently bought it, the one thing I cant seem to get my head around is mapping VST Instruments. I can do it with the meta *inst automation, but it is a pain to find the actual parameter I was to automate, most VSTs have hundreds of parameters, long lists not always intelligently named! I guess I am spit as in my other DAW"S I just move the graphical knob or dial on the Instrument GUI (as this is usually how I have found what I want to automate) and its mapped…is there anything like this in Renoise?

Wrote some tool for make that workflow more easy, using mouse in the vst gui only:


That’s exactly what I wanted- my first tool installed, worked perfectly! Amazing first experience with this forum, thank you.

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That is also very useful, thank you. Talented bunch of people here at Renoise!

Try the MIDI instr automation tool too! Many third party instruments have pre programmed MIDI behavior and MIDI learn functionality directly in the GUI! :slight_smile: