Automap VST Instruments to automation by moving VST GUI knob

Hi- I am new here so appo9logies if there is already a way to do this but I cant seem to find it.
I am enjoying Renoise having recently bought it, the one thing I cant seem to get my head around is mapping VST Instruments. I can do it with the meta *inst automation, but it is a pain to find the actual parameter I was to automate, most VSTs have hundreds of parameters, long lists not always intelligently named! I guess I am spit as in my other DAW"S I just move the graphical knob or dial on the Instrument GUI (as this is usually how I have found what I want to automate) and its mapped…is there anything like this in Renoise?

Wrote some tool for make that workflow more easy, using mouse in the vst gui only:


That’s exactly what I wanted- my first tool installed, worked perfectly! Amazing first experience with this forum, thank you.

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That is also very useful, thank you. Talented bunch of people here at Renoise!

Try the MIDI instr automation tool too! Many third party instruments have pre programmed MIDI behavior and MIDI learn functionality directly in the GUI! :slight_smile:

This sounds great… but how do you use it? Are there some instructions somewhere that I have missed?

It’s installed OK - I can see it’s created a menu item under Tools where I can change some configuration options but I’m sitting here in front of Renoise and my MIDI controller with no idea where to start.

" DSP Chain:Tools:Record GUI controls" or “Instrument Box:Tools:Record GUI controls”.” - I have no idea where to look for these. A few screenshot snippets would be awesome with an example of how to use it with a typical VST.

I’m assuming I can load up a VST (e.g. Nexus 4) and somehow detect which knob is being moved (e.g. filter) so that Renoise can then create an automation curve/line?

I’m hoping I will be able to detect a knob on my MIDI controller and have that operate the same VST knob, and also record the physical knob changes in Renoise… or at least allow me to fiddle with the physical knob on my MIDI controller so I can hear the changes in the VST’s filter settings (or whatever),

Am I looking at the wrong tool for the job or do I perhaps need to use 2 tools?

Can you please help an old man with a tired brain?

Right click on an instrument slot and select setup and record automation or similar. You need to have record mode activated. Then move knobs in the plugin gui. It will auto setup the automation device in the track, and also re-indentify already recorded parameters. So do not put an automation device on the track yourself. After recording mode has stopped, after 5 seconds, the tool will stop listening for knob movements. Everything what the tool does will be displayed in the status bar.

For a effect, right click and select record automation, and then again move the gui knobs. Again, recording mode (and maybe playback) needs to be activated. I actually forgot how exactly it works here, maybe it automatically does that for you…

Both conext menu entries can be mapped to shortcuts (recommended).