Automate Batch Song Rendering

Hi all,

I would like to discuss the need of automating batch song rendering.

Sometimes I change a lot in different songs, jumping around between songs and would like to render them automatically without any interaction after a mixing session.

Therefore I’d love to have some kind of batch processing to render songs from a specific directory.

If this is something that’s already in there… sorry for being such an ignorant :blink:


I usually focus on one song at a time, but I could see how this would be a helpful tool.


I could live happily without it but i would happily use it if it was available. :D

This surely would be cool to have. One could put dozens of songs to render in best quality and compatibility while having a few beers at local bar.

I would surely use this in order to avoid wasting CPU power for GUI updates; this can be extremely useful when redering songs which have VST plugins which require realtime priority.

I was also referring to pattern visualization and level metering. I’m not entirely sure that minimizing would completely eliminate GUI CPU usage; I will try it for sure though, thanks


Yips, the GUI is completely bypassed when minimized (not when just hidden though).

i would use it!
especially if i could get them to render all together into one wav!
i would like that!

-all my songs i mean.