Automate between samples being played on one note?

My prime concern for using dsp chains is to save the macros.
I really need to write that virtual midi port mapping tool…

So, here is what i did thanks to you.
PSEUDO 2OSC SYNTH (with annoying clicks :)/>)

Thanks. :) Had a go with this. Is does exactly what I want to achieve in theory, but, then I can’t figure out exactly how you’ve done it (still relatively new to renoise, especially as I didn’t work with it long before a long break) and I can’t seem to use what you’ve done to copy samples (drums) into the instrument, so I can switch between drum sounds.

Hopefully when I’ve got a bit more time and had a bit more sleep I’ll figure it out. I don’t even know what I’d ask right now, all I know is from copying and pasting samples, the instrument, the macro, etc, I can’t get it to work with my own samples; I’m going to have a look at it some more.

Yeah, I think this may have something to do with the difficulties I’m having.

I think the reason you are not making progress is because you are dragging new samples into the sample list. Then, you will add/insert new samples instead of replacing - and they will be assigned to the default modulation chain.
Instead, try loading the original example and then drag your samples on top of the waveforms, in the waveform editor? This should replace the actual sample instead of adding/inserting.

You can also add new samples if you want to create some layered drums. Just remember that each sample you want to layer needs to be assigned to the same modulation chain. To adjust the volume of a sample, you would then use the sample properties panel, as the modulation will apply the same volume level to all it’s samples.