Automate/control Dsp (vst Fx) With Automation Meta Device

I ran into a problem when I was trying to use a pattern effect to control a parameter past the first 16 in a vst. I’d like to be able to avoid using an envelope as it’s tedious for what I want to do. It seems easy to circumvent this limitation with the automation device if you could optionally control vsts.

I would rather vote for breaking the hex limit of device numbering.

That would be preferable, usually, but i can see how being able to do both would have benefits.

Which would be?


I grew to dislike using the automation envelopes. It’s too hard to copy and move arbitrary pattern sections around and retain the automation in place, relative to the notes.

I’m strictly on pattern effects diet, and I’d love to be able to control every parameter via them.

Oh, and if it’s possible, more than 4 pattern effect columns, please!

To clarify, I meant using pattern effects to manipulate vsts w/out an automation device would be preferable. Breaking the hex limitation, or at least making the 16 parameters you want to control assignable (instead of arbitrarily the first 16 params in a vst), or any other way someone comes up with. Using the automation device to assign effects wouldn’t be that bad, and only an extra step if I want to make params controllable with pattern effects.