Automate effects in phrase editor

I was wondering if it was possible to automate effect in the fx chains of the instrumento using the phrase editor like i do it in the pattern editor, with pattern commands.
If it’s possible, please somebody tell me how, if it’s not, i think it would be a nice feature! :)

You can’t because you could in theory have 120 (notes)*velocity levels of fx chains. You would never be able to control more than 14 effects and above that, we would need to define also which set you wanted to affect and for set numbers there is even no space to define it.
Next to it that the phrases are also for plugins and midi where the fx chains have no effect on them.
You can however control fx parameters using the macro settings and in turn you can automate the macros using the instr. macro device in the ordinary tracks. But in there you also have a limitation of 8 macros that you can control.