Automate Energyxt As Effect

I am lost … I have EnergyXT on a sendchannel as effect and need a way to automate a mixer … When I look at the automatable values I get a huge list of “params” all set to 0 and I don’t know how I can link one of these to the mixer I need automated … All I can set is a Midi-CC and I don’t know how to pass this to energyXT either … Can anyone help me please ?

I had some problems with xt2 (dunno exactly what it was) so I did just stick with xt1 aswell.

Yeah I guess that is a good example where we can see what we get when someone is giving out a deadline for releasing an artistic piece. I think programming is an artistic performance just as well as music making.

If not the other programs… at least Renoise could be considered a really beautiful piece of art ;) <3