Automate global groove settings

As far as I know, there’s no way to automate the global groove settings? I think it would be essential to be able to change these settings during the song playback if you want to utilize the full power of this amazing feature. A simple MB2 click on the groove setting knobs with record on that would insert the values in pattern editor’s effect track would be very sufficient, at least for me.

It seems some people have made similar topics in the distant past, so I wonder what is the current stance (2021) on this topic?

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+1 for the sake of experimentation, though it seems like I can’t really get decent (noticeable) grooves out of it, other then keeping/moving all the sliders at similar values.

If you don’t know, you can automate the on/off setting of the groove, so if you put some values beforehand, you can switch groove on/off during the song.

Though it’s not 100% intuitive, you can get some really great push-pull grooves out of it. Try starting the sliders at 50-30-10-30, and switch in and out of bypass to hear what it’s doing. With a 16th-note pattern, depending on the tempo, it can really make a pattern come to life.