Automate Pitch LFO

I cant find anything on the forums about this previously, though Im sure it has been raised before.

Is there a way to automate the pitch LFO?

At times during a song, I want to increase the depth and speed of the LFO, before going back to original settings. I know that custom envelopes can be made but this will be applied to all instances.

It can be done (in a way) with vibrato, but can it be AUTOMATED???

Nope, apart from 0Exx command the instrument envelopes+lfos are unreachable from tha pattern/automation parts. Very sad this makes me. Especially pitch because there’s no proper way to control pitch/finetune. Can’t have a snare in a (sliced) drumkit hit at C-4 some times and different pitch another point in the pattern, etc. My guess is most of these missing things will be improved on in a next version.