Automatic 0900 Placement

how about a button or a checkbox in the Pattern Editor Control Panel which, when enabled, places automatically a 0900 effect command every time you place a note in the pattern sequencer. of course the 0900 effect only appears in the same line and in the same track where you put the note.

this would be very very helpful if you have a beat sliced up and want to rearrange it, it can make workflow a lot faster really!!! having to type in the 09XX every time for every single slice can be a pain in the ass after some time, so this feature would help.

please support this idea!!!


well, basically i’m looking for an improvement to bring slices to the Pattern Editor in a faster way. the automatic 0900 placement hence would be good.

what actually came into my mind furthermore is to be able to see the breakbeat waveform and its slices while working in the Pattern Editor AT THE SAME TIME, so you always know which slice to place without having to switch from Pattern Editor to Sampler all the time (it’s really annoying).

i made this cheap mockup, hope you get the idea

would be cool to have such thing. is this maybe achievable with scripting???

the 0900-thing should be possible through scripting, and i really like that idea (sadly, i’m no scripter myself though)

the second idea of the pattern-editor view combined with waveform-view is, i think, a different take on the ‘audio tracks’ idea. i think i suggested in the past another idea for this same ‘problem’, where a semi-transparant line was overlayed on the sample editor, showing the position in the pattern editor (the same thing that happens in the automation).

thanks for the support, rhowaldt. yeah would be great if anyone could script the 0900 thing.

but the waveform thing you unfortunately understand wrong: my idea is to have something like a button in the Sample Editor which, when enabled, opens up a small window on the left side of the sample waveform (like in the picture), which shows a trimmed-down version of the current Pattern Editor track, where you can edit and place notes like in normal Pattern Editor. The only difference is of course that it takes place in the small window in the Sample Editor where you can simultanously view the waveform of the sample for rearranging purposes (which is, as i said, very annoying currently, cause you have to switch between windows like after every note sometimes. the workflow is getting hugely hindered due to this)

hope you all get it :)

an alternative just came into my mind, which could be even scriptable:

how about a floating window in the Pattern Editor, which shows the waveform of the currently selected sample and its beat markers? you could then work in the Pattern Editor AND see the slice markers. this would also help very much.

what do you think???

I love the idea but Im not into floating windows. I use Renoise and Reason mainly because they dont have floating windows. Opening, resizing, moving windows is a flow killer for me. I think its from years of using Logic and Sonar. The killer feature of both Renoise and Reason (for me) is that they stay where are on a wide screen and dont try to take over.

after reading and re-reading everything, i still think i understood you right. i said it is similar to audio tracks, because it adds the same functionality: being able to see the notes and the waveform at the same time.
personally i still go for my own suggestion of the automation-like ‘position-line-overlay’ on the waveform. will make a mockup and resurrect that thread, someday.

looking forward to the mockup rhowaldt, cause i have no idea what you’re talking about, lol!

but audiotracks is really no issue for me here, cause that waveform in my mockup is supposed to be the cut up sample/instrument, not an audio track.

yeah you’re actually right, i’m not big fan of floating windows either but i can’t help but this possibility. maybe it will be okay-ish, who knows??? i doubt my idea of both Pattern Editor and Sample viewing will be realized.

okay. i’m talking about the following.

this screenshot shows the Pattern Editor on line 24, and the position marker in the Automation Editor on line 24 as well. this is in a non-playing situation. if you navigate up or down in the Pattern Editor, so for example going from line 24 to line 26, you’ll see the position marker in the Automation Editor following your every move, and obediently moving to line 26 as well. so, you know exactly on which line which automation-thing happens.

this is the mockup. i have altered the numbers above and below the sample, which means there would need to be an extra option in the right-click menu on that bar, allowing you to set it to ‘Lines’. the same position marker as on the Automation Device is seen in the Sample Editor. we already have a position marker in the Sample Editor, but it only shows when a sample is playing. i want it to also show me where i am in the Pattern Editor.
(thinking about this, it might make more sense to see both windows at the same time, kinda like your request ripley!)

hope you all get this.

thanks for the mockup rhowaldt. i understand now and i can clearly say this is a different request to mine. :)

unfortunately no one else seems to like my idea :(

You don’t have to add 09xx every time. When you have a sliced instrument the slices are automatically mapped to notes for you, so for example the 1st slice will be on C#4, the 2nd on D-4, the 3rd on D#4, etc.

Have you tried using this method instead?

of course i know this method, but there is a significant disadvantage too: if you have a lot of slices, it gets unclear and confusing, which slices is which button. the thread in my signature is dealing with this problem. maybe you have a read and see what i mean. i’m just looking for a simple solution to make this small, but essentially hindering problem go away.

i do not dislike your idea, i’m just saying there are more ideas along those same lines, which are, imo kind of the same thing, or at least all aimed a the same ‘problem’. i am merely suggesting an alternative method (even though you might think it is different, i don’t! so shut up! :D)