Automatic Global Note-off At Song Beginning

maybe i’m alone here, but sometimes when i compose i need to hear a song from beginning to the current point a few times before i can feel out where it should be going…

and in the process of adding tracks and columns, when i play through i find i inevitably need to add note-OFF’s on the first pattern in the sequence (which is not always pattern “0”).

i humbly submit to the renoise gods: would it be (or is it) possible to have an automatic global note-off or note-cut at playback of the first pattern in the sequence?

i can possibly see how defaulting to this activity might be an issue if renoise is slaved, but i’m not that advanced yet, and i see no real reason it shouldn’t be automatic when renoise is master… no?

:guitar: raz :walkman:

Are you working with external MIDI devices?
Plugins should be silenced from the start.
Eventually , there is always the panic button which already makes adding note-offs in your first pattern redundant (besides, that’s just one click).