Automatic Grabber Sample Duration

Hi all !,

The plugin grabber’s my kind of new feature :rolleyes:, I cannot stop converting my hundreds of VSTis into XRNIs with it.

However the size of my XRNS songs is going to be multiplied by ten. And I’d like to find a way to minimize them to the maximum point where it can be minimized.

I know I could convert the .FLAC samples into OGG Vorbis samples - what would help a lot.

But I always keep a lossless version on my HD, so finally, the lossless + the version with OGG samples make the whole thing even bigger.

I try to define the shortest possible sampling duration, I try to set range from song, I try to increase the first step parameter and to decrease the second step parameter.

But a lot of my “grabbed” samples are too long, some of them finish with a long silence, I’ve to re-edit them manually and trim, cut, crop, step by step.

Could it be possible to have a kind of “Threshold” parameter in the plugin grabber ?
During the process, Renoise could stop grabbing a vsti plugin note when nothing is heard anymore.

Thanx for reading,

I think that OGG compression is the best for XRNS samples. However I always keep a lossless version of my XRNS.

My goal is not exactly to compress digital silences once they are created, but to find a way to get rid of them before they are created.

Anyway it’s not a good thing to fill memory with MB of unused information such as silence or near silence.

Some Renoise users declared they work with simple laptops, some of them don’t have a killer config.

Probably they like Renoise because of the compact code of the app.

Historically MODules have a small size. Let’s keep this philosophy.


Thanx for reading