Automatic Instrument / Samples Selection

Hello dear Community

Sorry for the weird topic name; I’ve marked what is it about in the screenshot below :rofl:

  1. When the automatic instrument selection is on, it selects the instrument which is played first in the pattern, right? Is there a setting to automatically switch the instrument to the ones which are played later in the same pattern? It would be great to have a pattern command for this.

  2. Is there a setting to automatically switch to the sample which is currently played within the instrument; basically the same thing like for the instruments? Here I have 16 samples mapped to the keyboard. Auto-selection would be really nice.

  3. Is there a keyboard shortcut to move the cursor to a specific track (1, 2… 5); not to the next / previous track but to a specific one? Pattern command for this would be also neat.

Just to give some context… this might come handy when recording a video to show different instruments / samples while the song is playing.

Thanks a lot in advance :pray: