Automatic Row Playback on Note Input

Famitracker, OpenMPT, and so many other trackers have this feature as a simple toggleable option in the settings menu… As someone who is a by-ear sort of musician, this would help me tremendously.

I know there is a keybind, but honestly just having a toggleable setting would be immensely more helpful in my opinion because that way I could not worry about pressings Shift + Enter every 5 seconds and could focus on the composition.

Perhaps this feature already exists within a tool? Or, if possible, could be scripted? If any of you have any ideas how to mimic this sort of feature in the existing renoise version, please let me know!

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Learn a little Lua, you can do it with the API. Not sure if I’m clear on what exactly Row Playback means, but if it’s anything like what I think, then I can say as a seasoned API user, it’s doable! :slight_smile:

Listen for MIDI events, control the transport.

Read through all of the documentation, and unless you are able to call keybinds via a script, it seems what I am trying to do is impossible. If i am mistaken, could you explain to me how I might going about calling keybinds via a script? For example, saying “if >paste keybind< pressed, then ___________”

You can create your own keybinds easily. Tool menu options, for example, can be mapped. Hooking to other existing binds, I’m not sure. It isn’t clear to me yet what you are trying to do.

if (there are notes in current line) then
<call keybind for “Play Current Row”>

that’s all im trying to do