Automatic Slicer For Patterns/Lines As Well As Beats/Transients?

Maybe I’m being thick and this is already possible, but it doesn’t seem to be…

While it’s nice to be able to slice a sample by automatically detecting beats/transients, I would often also want to chop a long sample into slices which I know are exactly, for instance, 16 lines or 2 patterns long. Sure, this is possible manually, but it’d be great to be able to automatically throw down slice markers every 16 lines or 2 patterns, or whatever, throughout an entire song. Then I can trigger those samples accurately even if the beat/transient is (often deliberately) out of sync with lines/patterns/bars/etc. This would bring Renoise closer than ever to the easy long-sample manipulation possible in other DAWs!

Not to detract from the request, but slices are exposed in the API update, eg.[].samples[]:insert_slice_marker(marker_sample_pos)[].samples[]:delete_slice_marker(marker_sample_pos)[].samples[]:move_slice_marker(old_marker_pos, new_marker_pos)  

The API documentation will be updated in the upcoming days. It will be fairly trivial to write a script for this.

+1 for slicing according to snap settings.

Any possibility of seeing this as a native feature? Automatically placing markers on the basis of the snap settings seems equally desirable to being able to automatically do it by transient.


If I understand you correctly, you can do something like this already.

For example. I loaded up an audio loop and then toggled sync on to a value of 64 (16 beats). You could alternatively set the BPM to match.

Then select slice (not detect transients) so you can manually add slice markers. Set the top ruler to beats (or whatever time quantize is required) and enable snapping. Then just drop markers on each beat/bar/4bars/etc as required.

Extra tip: The above plus single slice playback and a pad controller approximates MPC style chopping reasonably well.

Sure with some, or a lot of work (depending on how big the sample is) you can set up slices according to snap settings, but you’d want this implemented at the flick of a button, have it automatically done. The previous sample slicer script could do it, so why not the native slicer?

I think the slice marker tool in the sample editor could be improved, if you could hold and draw multiple markers at snap settings instead of one at a time.

Jonas, exactly. mxb - I want it to be done automatically. Not to say I’m too lazy to split a breakbeat into eight sections, but when it comes to splitting a 5-min bassline recorded from a hardware synth into 16-line sections over 30 patterns…bleagh…that’s when an automatic beat-based slice marker would come in handy :)

It would just be powerful to have both transient-detected slices going directly to the pattern-editor natively, but to also be able to chop it by specific amount of time automatically. I know I’d want to chop a loop using both ways, the “every x rows” would lead to interesting looping possibilities and riffs, and the transient-based would be good for what it’s usually good for :)