Automatically Load Loop Info When Loading A Sample From A Song

title says it all:
why not use the XRNS info to automatically load loop data for sampled loaded from a song?

at the moment, if you load a sample directly from a song into another, the loop data is not kept

I don’t think it is, but what I meant is a function which reads the loop data from the XML part of XRNS and adds it to the loaded sample.

the loop data is saved into the XRNS XML file like this:


the quick edit of your previous post you made, makes this post sound stupid, by the way :)


Good idea!


The xml data is currently not touched/read at all when loading the samples. I would like to keep it this way (because its easier) if somehow possible……st&p=340601

(Posted before finding link: This is probably just as messy as reading from XML, but how about if you save a corresponding file for every sample, like Samplitude and Audition do, with auxiliary data (loop points, bpm, other stuff)?)

So this means there will never be Instrument/dsp/pattern/track/note loading from xrns ever? :)
I understand if its a no-go for 1.8.
But this is a must have for later releases, imo.

How about also saving the loop info in the FLAC metadata for this purpose? Maybe there is a standard for that so other apps also can use this data?