Automating A Synth Made In Reaktor


I’m not sure that my problem is directly linked to Renoise, but i think that some of you can help me anyway.

So, here is the deal : I’ve recently made several synths within Reaktor, and I use them as VSTis in Renoise. Everything works perfectly but in the track on which I’m working right now, I’d like to automate some parameters of a synth (using the Automation Device) but the parameters of the Reaktor’s synths I’ve made doesn’t look to be configured for automation in other sequencers (in the Automation Device, when chosing for a parameter to enable its automation, I have a list of one thousand “Reserved #” and “Unused #” parameters that doesn’t work : when I select one of them and move the fader of the Automation Device, nothing happens on the synth).

Maybe someone could help me ?

you should be able automate the knob/sliders using MIDI learn on Reaktor and MIDI-CC Device in Renoise.

This works perfectly, thanks a lot !