Automating changing a plugin's MIDI channel

I did a quick search and didn’t find anything recent (mostly from 2010-2018), so I just wanted to ask for clarification.

Just switched because I prefer the tracker style workflow over piano roll/playlist, but the one bonus in the piano roll was that you could apply specific MIDI channel routing to each note, which I don’t see here.

It’s not a big issue for me, since I have experience with 90s/00s MIDI workflow, and if I were routing out to something like a Sound Canvas or JD-990 I’d rather have 16 distinct tracks anyway; however, I have a handful of those old Kontakt libraries where they spread out an entire instrument into multiple .nki files, so you end up multiracking the basic notes with effect notes, and use the midi channels to control them.

Like with an external board, I’m completely fine with just separating them into unique tracks, but just for the sake of workflow (and maybe memory, since multiple instances of kontakt can add up), is there a way to automate/change MIDI channels for plugins on the fly?

Thanks in advance, love the program.

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