Automating Dbblue Glitch?

i want to automate the paramters of say the retrigger or any other effect of glitch. i couldn’t find any way. my only solution was to render to wav so far. but that’s not quite what i want. any idea? maybe dbblue can say a word or two? :)

The forum search function is your friend - always remember that!

There was a thread about this topic very recently:…t=ST&f=8&t=9553

This describes automating the pattern changes, but the same techniques apply to any of the other parameters such as retrigger speed, etc.

Hope that helps you out. It’s really not that complex overall :)


thanks. in fact i used the forum seach. (no, really!) :rolleyes:

Don’t forget to change the offset to “any date” from the pull-downlist on the center of the search form and toggle the “Any date” radio button.

By default searches are done only the past 30 days which explains why you don’t find anything initially.

Yah… that kinda bugs me… I wish the search would default to “any date” :(