Automating "dblue Glitch" In Renoise...

Hi, i’m trying Dblue Glitch with the renoise song patterns. For those who are familiar with the plug-in, know that it has a “dedicated bar” where the effects are inserted. Well that “dedicated bar” is limited to a single pattern wich restricts it’s usage resulting in a redundant cycle of effects that after sometime turn out to be boring.

Does anyone know if it is possible to automate this effects processor? Or if it’s not possible?

Thanks in advance.

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Pedro Vieira

all i can tell you now you can rightclick on any rotary knob to activate midi learn, so you could record all rotary knob movements, but about automating the rest i also hope someone will have the answer, (…when i find out myself i let you know… ;)

oh yeah a way to work around it (for me at least) is to create extra fx send channels and load several instances of glitch, then during playback switch from one glitch to the other… another way i like to do it is just to render every nice sounding pattern i get …

warning: my software solutions mostly are a solution for me only, because other ppl always come up later on with a something that actually IS a solution… :D and then mine seems very naive:) i just am lazy in finding things out about software i guess…

while writing this… i realize now i have been working around my own shortcomings all my life in stead of shortcomings in software :huh: <_< :D

I’m a bit confused because a few people have been emailing me recently to complain about this supposed single pattern limitation, when it’s quite obvious that it’s not limited to a single pattern. There are actually 16 available patterns to store your variations in.

Left click any of those 16 buttons to load/copy the pattern into memory. Right click a button to paste the pattern in memory into that new position.

(Ok I admit, 16 patterns is not a huge amount, but it’s usually enough for most needs. It’s just a limitation from earlier versions when I didn’t think ahead very much. If I changed the amount of patterns now it would break compatibility with the older versions, and people don’t like that.)

You can automate changes between these patterns in a variety of different ways, including a standard VST parameter mapped to Glitch’s pattern number as well as via MIDI notes. Since we’re using Renoise I’ll just mention the different ways you can automate the VST parameter.

Track DSP sliders…

First, expand the controls for Glitch…

Now you can adjust Glitch’s parameters here in the standard way. If you right-click while moving a slider (ie. the “Pattern” parameter) it will record that value to the pattern in Renoise…

Which results in something like this… (Glitch’s pattern will now change when these pattern commands are triggered)

Automation curves

You can also automate any of the parameters in Glitch this way. Automating the pattern changes is a little tricky this way but still possible.

Pretty simple really. It’s the same way you would automate any other VST effect in Renoise.


Oh, i never thought that the author would explain this to me by himself. This proves how strong this community is. I must say that you have invented a goldmine, much thanks for you plug-in, i can’t live without it! :)

Thanks for the detailed explaation, i’m sure that now i can manage myself. Why not make this topic a sticky one?

Once again, much thanks for everything, i’ll keep in touch!

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Pedro Vieira :ph34r:

Awesome reply!!

Its really great to get a massive answer and we all (im surew) really appreciate the time it
takes to explain things in a clear way.


No problem.

When I find time to update the documentation for v1.3 on my website (hopefully any day now), I will probably try to include some basic tutorials for the different hosts that people are using (Renoise, FLStudio, Cubase, etc). It’s easy for me to take it for granted that everybody simply knows how to do these things already, but I’m reminded each day that a little bit of help goes a long way for some users, and I certainly want people to actually be able to use my plugin! :D

As for making this topic a sticky, I don’t know if this particular thread is best suited for that since it relates to my plugin, though I suppose the automation techniques still apply to any other plugin.

Either way, the Renoise Wiki includes pretty much all the information you could need on the subject of Automation and all other aspects of using Renoise.

any chance to get my hands on your renoise skin? :)

Sure thing. It’s the “dark-grey-green” one I posted in another thread:…t=ST&f=3&t=7052

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