Automating filters in Akai S2000?


I can automate LFO1, Pitchbend & Program Change on my Akai S2000 through Renoise, but cannot get the amazing deep filter to be automated ?

Is there a way ?

I see Daddyabe did one on the S3000XL but not the S2000. Ive never been able to find the breath control or modwheel midi commands in any DAW ive used strangely.

Can anyone help ?


Did you already try as stated here?

Thats mostly right, but in the S2000 you need to turn down another value attached to the filter down to -50 (it can go +50 to -50).

The only place I have seen this mentioned is on the Daddyabe youtube channel with his video on automating the filter in the Akai S3000XL.

If you dont turn it down to -50 it doesnt work.