Automating Instrument/sample Parameters

I was playing around with the XY device and was thinking, wouldn’t it be great if we could bind it to parameters in instrument settings…

For instance if we could bind it to each individual sample volume control you could load up 4 different waveforms in one instrument and create Prophet VS type sounds.

also: envelope meta tool

Atm you can achieve the same effect with using 4 cloned tracks within a group. Just change the instrument for the tracks and link a X/Y device with 2 Hydras, controlling channel volumes. That’s all. If you use LFOs on the group channel for envelopes, the 4 samples even share the same envelopes.

Edit: Btw… in fact using a X/Y device doesn’t make much sense atm, when not using it live, because you have to change two params anyway. No matter, if you use two Hydras without X/Y or two Hydra with X/Y.

4 cloned tracks is doable but you won’t do that unless you have a really clear idea of what you want to hear.

there’s nothing wrong with that approach, but if you can play with it, it would open up a lot of ideas… not just Prophet VS type sounds, but all parameters should be mappable. including stuff like sample cues, etc.

forgot about the LFO = envelope… rarely use it as an envelope tbh, but it would become very interesting if what I propose gets picked up on.