Automating Kontakt

Can someone please tell me how you automate Kontakt using Renoise’s automation function. I know how to set up the VSt automation but the commands for Kontakt are all un-named and non of them seem to work when changed.

Surely this must be possible, maybe I’m being a little thick again!!!

Any help would be much appreciated.


Unnamed parameter usually tells me that the vsti doesn’t support automatable parameters or the targetted instrument is simply not selected in the automation device.
You did selected the proper vst instrument in the vsti automate device right?

I can’t explain it in English well. :huh:
And I have only the demo version of Kontakt 1.5.
But probably it is same.

  1. Right click the knob which you want to Automate, and select “Automation”.

  2. Select arbitary ID slot, and click “set”.

Then use VSTiAutomateDevice. :)

bosh, if you’re using Kontakt 2, then you have to assign the host parameters (i.e. #000, #001, etc) to the parameters you want to control in Kontakt 2.
You can do this by going into Kontakt, selecting auto from the leftmost menu beneath the logo, and then drag from the #xxx you want onto the parameter you want to control in Kontakt.
Same for MIDI CC.

Just to add that you can have one automated parameter in Renoise control several parameters in Kontakt 2 by dragging the same #xxx onto several different parameters.