Automating Lpb/ Resolution

Hey Guys,

I know this is like a Tracker 101 ultra-n00b type question, but here goes…

How do I change the resolution from one pattern to the next?

For example: let’s say I have a drum groove that I wrote at LPB 8. This leaves me, as I understand it, up to 32nd notes worth of resolution.

Now, let’s say for the next pattern in the track, I want to have twice the resolution (64th notes), but keep the pattern the same, so that I can add some intricate new notes into the pattern.

From what I understand, I would automate teh LPB with the F1xx command, and expand my pattern so that things line up sound wise.

The thing is, I tried this, and it sounded craaazy. Stuff did not line up, it played WAYYYY too fast, and things like snares that normally fall on a beat or divisor of a beat were landing in funny places in the pattern. This happened when I did F116.

So, what the hell did I do wrong? How would I double my resolution but keep my pattern sounding the same?

16 in hex is 22 in decimals.

10 in hex is 16.

So you got to do F110. :)

Yes! That worked! :)

but, why?

I don’t understand Hexidecimal. How does LPB 10= 64th notes?

not “10”… !

10 in hex → 16 in decimal

0x09 = 09
0x0a = 10
0x0b = 11
0x0c = 12
0x0d = 13
0x0e = 14
0x0f = 15
0x10 = 16
0x11 = 17

and so on.


NOW I get it! :)

I feel like a dummy. Thank you!

np… teach two noobs and we’re even ^^

hehe Deal!