Automating Mute/solo On Tracks?

I sometimes play around with muting/unmuting tracks during playback to try out breaks, etc.
Is it possible to simply automate track solo/mute so that I don’t have to manually delete all the notes from all the tracks that I don’t need?

If not, then consider this a feature suggestion :D

automate volume instead

nah, move it to feature suggestions… I’d love both, automating muting and turning tracks off! I know this would be annoying when you want to render without a track that is automated in that fashion, but hey, then just don’t use it. it’s the same way with DSP’s, trying to turn one off or on that is automated can get annoying too.

Actually I propose this: automating track off/mute, and a “override” for both tracks and DSPs, so you can turn something off regardless of it’s automation. This will so not fly, but I’m suggesting it anyway…

That wouldn’t work, cause I’d have to automate volume on all the tracks except one, than just automating SOLO on one track. If I have many tracks, that’s a pain.