Automating parameters in a Renoise instruments DSP Chain?

I can automate params on the track DSP as normal, but I’m just starting to get into the Renoise native stuff and I can’t see how to automate params inside a Renoise instrument (the cutoff of the Analog Filter for example) from either the automation envelope or pattern commands.

Any clues?


edit - Just got a PM telling me that I can do this via the Instrument macros :slight_smile:

a PM? how secretive :stuck_out_tongue: someone mustn’t be too happy you’ve put the truth out there :smiley:

Heh… Now the leet infoz are releazed.

Anyone know how to transfer an Automation Envelope to the pattern effects column instead?

after the fact of already recorded material in the automation editor, dunno? But, if you didn’t already know, next time click the icon left to ‘Q’ underneath the pattern editor to record parameter changes straight to pattern.

For me automation editor > automation in pattern editor, as automation in the pattern editor is always ‘quantized’ to a row, less fluent then drawing a shape in the automation editor.

Yes I see your point. It’s definitely a lot curvier and smooth in auto editor, but I’m finding that when my brain is in ‘pattern mode’ that jumping to edit in the auto editor kind of pops me out of the pattern mindset. I’ve always found that once I’m deep into editing patterns, that having the numbers right there and relating them to all the other pattern data around them is a really nice flow.

I kind of feel the need to edit auto data right in the pattern, but have some kind of lerping going on that gives it a smoother feel than the hard quantised numbers in the pattern… smoothing it out so it sounds more like you expect from the curvy Auto Editor results. For me that’d be the best of both worlds.