Automating Reaktor Instruments

I’ve found the instrument automation device, the problem is that when I try to use it on a reaktor instruments, the parameter names are just generic descending numbers, no idea how I’m supposed to figure out which one is a parameter I want to automate.

I don’t want to use midi learn and automate with midi resolution.

Any reaktor users who have figured this out?

yes , name your parameters in reaktor ( actual i.d.) , compress i.d. .—>only used parameters are shown and compressed

Could this help?

Thanks! I was ready to throw in the towel!

The above mentioned tool won’t work if you don’t name your parameters in reaktor …like I said …say you have a filter freq.slider …just naming you r slider in reaktor is not enough …

You have to give it an unique I.D. nr and name …this is NOT the same as just naming your gui parameter .

It’s the unique I.D. that will show up as automatable vst parameters …hence the word I.D. !!! …verry important for future proof hassle free automation

Download my ensemble clonetonic …it has a lot of (the same) parameters spread over multiple pages ( 6 ) , because it’s a 6 part drummachine …I had to name every parameter and give it an UNIQUE I.D. for the parameters to show up in a host .

Every page had around 39 parameters , 6 pages =234 parameters …woooowzers , and yes I had to type them all in by hand and some copy paste . …cutoff A ,cut off B etc…

Nobody said it was gonna be easy …and yes it takes some time