Automating Sample Loop End Point

I’ve been using this great program for about 6 months now and I’m still nowhere near learning even half of what it has to offer. right now i’m trying to automate the end point of a sample loop so that gradually less and less of the sample is played until it’s just repeating itself at a high tone. I’ve tried moving it while right-clicking in edit mode while the track is playing and can’t find any option for automation in the automation menu. is it possible to do this or should i just get a vst to do the job?

unfortunately they’re not automatable as of now, but you can use midi mapping to automate them. Experiment: Use Midi Knob To Set Loop Markers

otherwise you will have to use the vst :)

Tool to emulute what you want to do. Not “exactly” what your after maybe but pretty cool noneteless. Works best for short samples I guess

This version is simpler to use than the one posted above this post: same thing though