Automating 'Synced' Lfo From Ni Massive

Hey everybody, I was wondering if you could help.

Seems there’s a lot of NI MASSIVE threads here, but I couldn’t find exactly what I needed.

  • I want to be able to automate NI MASSIVE’s LFO when it’s ‘synced’ in Renoise.

  • I was able to do this when I had the demo version, but can’t now I have the full version… (full version of MASSIVE this is)

  • I set up my NI MASSIVE instrument fine, I have an LFO hooked up to the cut-off in filter 1 (I’m creating a wobble bass sound by the way). In the LFO menu I selected Sync, and as default have it set to 8.

  • Now in Renoise I load up the standard ‘Automation Device’ in the DSPs and link it to ‘MODULATOR 5RATE’. Previously that meant I could move the slider and it would go through the Sync rates, 2, 4, 8, 12 etc. Now, the bar displays an amount from 0 to 1, but moving the slider does nothing.

  • If I go back into MASSIVE and deselect sync, then it now controls the rate, but this is too clumsy for me. ):

So how do I alter/automate/hook-up the synced LFO rate from NI with Renoise?

If I remember right, previously it was something different to ‘MODULATOR 5RATE’ that I was selecting, something just like MOD5, but that option is no longer there now that I have the full version!

Thanks for your help in advance, and if you need more explanation just ask! :D

I realized my reply was wrong+dumb and edited this :P

Thanks anyway, haha.

I hope people understand the problem. It must be something that everybody who uses MASSIVE and Renoise has wanted to do at some point, I just want to automate the LFO rate, when the LFO is set to ‘sync’ mode in MASSIVE. I saw on some videos online that in Cubase there’s an extra button up in the top left corner of MASSIVE for automation. It’s shame that isn’t there when it’s loaded into Renoise!

What number version of Massive do you have?

Version 1.1.5 ^^

The NI updater upgraded it when I bought it, so I am hoping that’s the most up to date version ^^. I am running Renoise 2.5 as well~