Automating Vst Parameter???

I’ve read the manual, but cant find anything on automating vst param’s? Either by holding and sliding or imputing a command…a pitch knob to be exact. help por favor!

The section of the manual on external instruments does mention it but I have said before it would be nice if it could somehow be made more obvious to new users that you need to use an Automation Device. Not quite sure how to do this though, as last I checked it does say so where you claim you looked.

Although the tutorial pages search function seems to have gotten even worse! Search for VST brings up zero results! Used to be bad but seems it’s getting almost unusable unless you know the exact page you are searching for already :(

renoise master manual: automation: is where I would assume automatoin advice would be…nothing on the matter. thnx for the link

First paragraph of the Automation page, emphasis is mine:

With that being a link to what I provided you above.

well done… You passed my test, just wanted to see if you were on your toes! :D j/k… I stand corrected :unsure: will triple check from now on!

I think this is because the search perhaps requires a keyphrase existing of a minimum of 4 characters.
This unfortunately rules out abbreviations like VST, DSP etc.
In the older wiki, google was used, but google wasn’t fast with reindexing if things changed with new versions.
Now a different wiki system is implemented and the side navigation has been simplified.

Automating a Vst parameter:

  1. Add your vst to a track
  2. In a new instrument slot, go to instrument Settings>Plugin>Instrument and select your VST from the “VST FX alias” section
  3. Add an instrument automation device to any track and select the instrument number for your VST alias. (I like doing my vst automations on a separate track per VST I’m modulating rather than the same track notes are on to keep things tidy and allow for additional FX columns)
  4. Modulate the instrument automation sliders as you would with any other automation.

Enjoy :)