Automation And Envelopes

Apologies for somewhat hogging this forum but I’ve finished my 45 minute song now and I’m just cleaning it up using the Track DSPs and Automating a couple of VSTs.

I’ve created an enevlope to adjust the filter cutoff and resonance without issue.
My instrument is assigned to slot 0E and is on track 2.
The envelope needs some small tweaks but now I can’t find it anywhere :wacko:

As I play the track, I can see the knobs happily moving on the VSTi and the Automation Device sliders but I can no longer find the envelope I set in the Automation tab :blink:

Who stole it? :huh:

Next to each parameter you’ll see a little indicator that shows when any kind of automation is applied. It displays different icons that represent whether pattern commands or automation envelopes are being used, and will also show different colours to represent whether the automation is taking place in the current pattern or in some other pattern. Clicking on this indicator will automatically take you to wherever that automation is being done.

Neither indicator is lit:

The enable automation device isn’t checked either, however the automation is clearly occuring in the song. Am I missing the obvious?

That is quite an odd situation, but it’s impossible to say anything without seeing the .XRNS in full. Is it possible that you also have some automations in another track or device, and you have overlooked this?

As it’s a 45 minute song over 44032 lines - quite possible :D

I’m still getting to grips with the amount of facilities on offer and using many of them across the whole song. For my first attempt at doing something in Renoise, I may have been a little ambitious to say the least.

Still, I’ve learnt more in a week from this Renoise with this song, than I would have if I’d converted some of my smaller ones and I’m don’t find it anywhere near as intimidating when I first downloaded the demo.

I’m constantly amazed at how powerful this program is in relation to it’s small outlay! Awesome!