Automation And Modulation

there’s really one thing stopping me switching from ableton to renoise, and that is the relationship between automation and modulation in renoise!

it seems that in renoise, modulating a parameter makes it ignore automation

this is a problem in say, techno production, where modulating a parameter rhythmically (ie in the pattern editor) is often desired, and you might want to also have some automation, that is changing that parameter over a longer duration

in ableton, modulation is scaled by automation. so if say, filter cutoff is set to 50% by some automation, the range of modulation is reduced from 0-50%. it’s a very intuitive way to relate automation and modulation.

is there a plan to include this in renoise? i really don’t see a point to simply ignoring one or the other.

thank you for listening:)

This would shure come in handy :rolleyes:

wait, is that the roll eyes emoticon?

The formula device should help to work around this problem. It’s not fully included in the current release, but it exists somewhere in there and I guess well see it in 2.7 (hopefully).

Doesn’t automating the maximum, minimum or offset parameters get you around this?

Much more flexible imo.


You automate the parameters if the modulation device (EG LFO Offset) to get this effect. Maybe not quite as intuitive but just as powerful.

I like to use pattern automation to the filter, like not so smooth and maybe ranging form 1120 to 1140.
If I can also use the automation lane to smoothly go up and down with the same filter…

the program is great anyway, haven’t been drawn to the studio so much for months since i got renoise 2 weeks ago :walkman:

Those rolling eyes are looking up to your message :rolleyes:

I think it’s a good idea in essence. However, like people say there are reasonable workarounds with automating LFO parameters to get what you want. Don’t forget too that you can chain LFOs to LFOs, and control it all with the Hydra device for some fully interrelated modulating magic. If this is the only thing holding one back from moving from Live I’d say ‘welcome to Renoise, it’s now only a matter of time’ ;)

thanks for replies dudes! good to know there’s some workarounds. i do love ableton live, but got renoise for xmas (as i’d requested). something was definitely drawing me back to the magical land of trackers. i think indeed it is only a matter of time :)