Automation and Patterns

Hello all!

I just started using Renoise and have few quick questions:

  1. So when Im recording like open hi hat, i wish to just quickly touch the key in keyboard, and not get it cutted off still. Is there setting to disable the OFF signal from track effects? Is there possibility to disable all track effects globally, even seeing them in editor?

  2. Another question, when I do automation like envelope for volume on pattern, and it goes bad, or I press clear envelope. How can I get (lets say cant use undo now) the original envelope back for track?

  3. Is there “select track” keyboard function? It would help not having to move at start at track every time wanna copy whole track.

Instrument Envelopes might be your friend.

Why can’t you Undo? What other possible way would then be of undoing a change in any software?? What do you mean original automation envelope? There is none but that which is user programmed, so I would not call that the original.

Copy Track is Shift+F4, why the need to select anything???

Thanks for answers. I used tracker in Amiga lastly, there I had to select track-copy.

Well. From picture you see what I mean. There actually is default envelope, and if I delete it, volume goes to zero. And If I done 10000 changes to envelope, its pretty hard to undo them to step 1…

No, until you add a first point those are empty. There is no default automation envelope! But if you just want a straight line then clear the whole automation and then add a single point of the right value.

Also volume does not change in any way if you delete the envelope associated with volume! It will stay at whatever level you set it to!

Although there is something to bear in mind with this. Renoise has a look-ahead function for automation curves, where if there is no automation early in a song but there is some later it will set itself to the first value used in any automation in the song for sections of the song earlier than that. (Not phrased very well but I hope you understand me.) So if that is your first pattern (at least with volume automation in it) then the next pattern sets volume to zero, then removing the automation will also cause the earlier patterns to have a volume of zero.

Thanks for answers!

I just tested it mate again. If you change volume curve, and then delete it and then edit it again, the curve has returned to value where you last started to draw it.

There’s also a ‘sustain sampled instrument’ tool. (note-offs still get recorded though :( I made a delete note-offs in CT tool here)

PS if you still need to select current track, it’s Alt-T. See also;

  • Alt-Q/W block select / wide (Shift confines to note column)
  • Alt-A/S select above / wide (Shift confines to note column)
  • Alt-Z/X select below / wide (Shift confines to note column)
  • Shift-Alt-T to select note column

I’ve also made available a tool called “extend selection” with user settable shortcuts for ‘extend selection left to right’ (all tracks), extend selection to current track, etc, here.

Nice! There seems to be very active community on Renoise? You wouldn’t happen to know/have addon for “Punch-In” recording,
meaning that recording starts when you hit first note?

No Punch In/out tool as such (the API running in the GUI thread I’m not sure I would trust it to be precise enough, even if possible!) but this tool is specially designed to make it easy to do multiple passes of a section, having it cloned each time, and then you can select the best take.