Automation - Best Practice

Not new to Renoise, but new to dealing with large amounts of automation within Renoise.

What is best practice when using automation? I’ll explain my issue.

Building a track from the ground up, not using any automation. All internal DPSs and any VST effects have values set by hand. Now I get to a part of the track where I want to automate several parameters of several effects. So I draw my automation envelopes and everything is good. Until I go to any other part of the song, that is. The values set by the automation envelopes override the defaults I had set by hand - before and after my automation envelopes.

In something like Reaper this hasn’t been a problem to me. You set FX values by hand, and when you activate an automation envelope it takes that default value and draws the envelope for the entire track. You then just draw you rises/falls/etc at the relevant places.

How I currently see it, is that to get around this in Renoise and get similar behaviour to that of Reaper, I would have to set envelopes on every pattern that hold the default values. This is a very time-consuming thing to do, and isn’t very efficient.

So - what am I missing? Is there a way to do this better?

Thanks for any and all advice!

Any parameter you automate it is worth while adding a automation point in the very first pattern of your song at what you want the default to be. Just double click on its name in the list when on that pattern. This is due to the Look Ahead behaviour which was introduced to solve other problems. A little bit of a pain but personally I really don’t find it that hard to cope with.

Thanks :)

It’s worth noting the following option too: