Automation curves. Part 2.

Hi all.

Seems that automation curves across patterns - not a priority (that very-very strange for musical production software because it’s so logical for Automation ). I want to ask… is it possible to:





I try not to scream at my computer, but the automation/envelope editor gets me heated, constantly. If Renoise where a 10/10 runway model, this would be a mole on her ass. It’d be the only flaw staring back at you, anytime you wanna do it doggy style.

I pray they do something soon…

I know this probably sounds sort of wacked out, but a lot of times i use a signal follower tracking the amplitude of stuff i draw or make with wave creating tools and cutting and pasting in the wave editor. Then send that to another channel as my ‘automation’. The signal follower will track very slow signals and dc so you can just hand draw in very slow stuff or repitch and/or sync waveforms to extremely slow pitches. It is sort of an ass backwards version of how i send control signals (just amplitude modulated noise or whatever sound works well) to an ms-20 or whatever hardware with an envelope follower type of function.

I’m sure a lot of folks won’t like this at all, but, eh. Yeah, agree regular automation could be more fun to use.

I still can’t understand why nothing about it because i started thread about it in November 2015:

If it’s possible to draw a line across multiple patterns - why is it then not possible to do draw a curve across multiple patterns? We could choose the style and degree of the curve beforehand - problem solved.

But I guess the technology just isn’t there yet.