Automation delay

I know that this sounds weird and stuff, but when I drum/piano in some stuff and it sounds really cool, later on I get ‘punished’ for not putting the notes exactly on lines because I can’t automate e.g. filter on/off later on in a line… A lot of the pattern fx’s usefulnesses that have something to do with time (like note cut, retrigger, etc) suffer from delayed notes in some way :(
It would be awesome if they could have the same timing reso as the automation now has (<3)

Some pattern effects (including note cut and retrigger) can be placed in the volume or panning column, instead of an effect column. When placed in the volume or panning column, they are linked to that specific note, and will also respect any delay column values you set, so you can actually delay the effects with the same high resolution as the automation.

For example, you can put R2 in the volume column, C4 in the panning column, and 80 in the delay column, to get a note that retrigs for 2 ticks, cuts after 3 ticks, and is delayed by half a pattern line overall.

See the manual for more details:

But if you want to automate device parameters (filters or whatever) with higher precision, then you’ll simply need to use the graphical automation for this. Without the concept of a fully zoomable pattern editor, or some kind of ‘delay pattern effect’ pattern effect which would quite be a hack indeed, there’s really no practical way to achieve what you want.

Turning DSPs On/Off? Maybe we can push to finally getting this added to the list of Automatable parameters…

It would definitely be nice to have the ability to turn DSPs on/off via graphical automation, but that’s a different issue to what’s being discussed here, isn’t it? This thread is about the timing/precision of pattern commands.

If it was just a friendly nag/bump for that feature request, then fair enough, but if you’re saying that you need the ability to turn DSPs on/off with sub-line accuracy, then I’d actually be quite curious to know what you’re trying to achieve with that technique? Generally speaking, the DSPs (and most VSTs, I’ll bet) don’t respond too well to being enabled/disabled at very rapid speeds. Most will produce some kind of click/pop/artifact/stutter/whatever when doing so.

This is awesome! I have no problems anymore :D
[edit:]I mean I never figured how e.g. a good snare roll should be achieved in 4 LPB, been puzzlin, this is cool stuff. Didn’t figure that while 0C0X in pattern fx don’t get delay, shortnd thing in vol/pan column does work together with delay column.

Although something could be said for device en/disable, esp. in case of bandpass filter or scream filter

To be perfectly honest, if you need such precise control over exactly when a certain filter/DSP kicks in, you’ll get much better results if you simply leave the DSP permanently enabled on a certain track, and then play only the notes you want to be filtered on that track instead of the unaffected track. It’s a bit more work to arrange your notes, I guess, but I believe it will be worth it in the end.

DSPs/VSTs typically don’t “like” being turned on and off all the time, because you are constantly interrupting the audio stream when you do this, and it usually results in nasty artifacts. So my advice is to simply leave the DSP enabled, and only send the audio to it that you actually want to be affected by the DSP.

Well I was only going from what was said in the first post.

Seems (s)he is happy now anyway. :)

You’re quite right about that!