Automation Device - Automated slider not recorded in automation lane


I’ve connected a Virus TI, which has it’s own plugin. I want to record the cutoff of the virus, by manually turning the cutoff knob on the Virus

When I insert an instrument automation devices, on the virus channel. All the right Virus parameters are shown in the automation device by default, perfect!

When I turn the cutoff knob on the Virus, the corresponding slider on the instrument automation device, moves just like expected, nice!

But …

When I set Renoise to record, the automation is not recorded in the automation lane, bummer :frowning:

When I sweep the slider on the instrument automation device by hand, with the right mouse button, it draws the movement like it should.

So when I move the slider by hand it works ok, but when I move the slider from the Virus, nothing happens.

Can somebody please help me with this? Thanks a milion!

I think renoise doesn’t record parameter feedback. I just checked with a vst - I can move the cutoff knob in the vst gui, renoise wouldn’t record any action though the slider in the inst.automation device follows the movement. It will only record automation, if I map a midi controller to the inst automation slider, or via the right click action. I you really want to record the parameter feedback, maybe there can be something done with tools, but I don’t think renoise can do this in its default state.

I think renoise doesn’t record parameter feedback.

Indeed not. Unless the plugin has built-in MIDI learn, or you could use this tool by ledger:

But then… I don’t think that will work in the case of the Virus. I don’t know, but it’s rather unusual for a “plugin” to have physical knobs :slight_smile:

Does it communicate over MIDI, or some proprietary protocol?

Thanks for your comments guys, really appreciate it.

So the automation device is not showing the value sent by the physical knob (huhhu :D), but rather the value of the plugin? I Didn’t think of it that way.

Maybe I just connect the virus or some other controller to controll the automation device over mid, and make some music instead …

Thanks again, have a great day!