Automation Device, Not Showing All Parameters

I’ve a VSTi that comes with 33 different parameters. When I open it using the automation device only 14 of the parameters have sliders. When I click on the text box just left of the slider it gives me a list of all parameters but I don’t have enough sliders to map all parameters. It’s a plugin I wrote myself so I’m not sure if the problem is on my end or something with Renoise. It loads fine with other hosts such as Live and Cubase but as you’ve probably guessed, I want to use it in Renoise! It’s probably just a trick I’m not familiar with to show more sliders?

there’s a little “right” arrow button on the automation device that allows you to show more sliders.

add more automation devices if you want to automate more parameters.

Thanks for the help. Adding another automation device did the trick. How I didn’t think to try that I’ll never know!

The reason why there are only 14 parameters to map is because you can also control all of them with pattern effect commands ;)

Good point but I prefer to tweak from my midi controller. I never really use the pattern editor. I’m sure I will in time.

using more than one automation device is still a bit clumsy though. It’d be cool if there was something like a “master-automation-device” where you could assign any parameter from any given device in just one thing - like the cutoff of a filter and the volume of a gainer and so on…

just anything you actually want to automate in one device - much like the macro-controllers in ableton.

would make midi-mapping a lot more user-friendly too.

pretty sure someone else had this idea before but i can’t find a thread about it now (ok i wasn’t searching actually :P )

That is scriptable.

that is a bit harder to script (the automation process).

But it is possible to script a tool that enumerates all automation devices and /or create new automation devices for specific instruments, slam them into one tool-dialog view and then with one click of the button on a specific parameter takes care the specific automation device is selected when you want to reach it.
In contradiction to the other script idea i could whip up in ten minutes, this is something i can’t whip up in ten minutes unfortunately.
Needs at least a day or more of time investment to get it right.

Often the limit of 14 is enough for most of my automation wishes (adsr, lfo’s, cutoff and resonance ftw), but…

An improvement for the automation device would be if adding more than one device for the same vsti would automatically take into account the previously selected parameters. So adding a second device doesn’t start with the same first 14 parameters as before.

cool that this is scriptable! don’t hurry with this though, it’s not like we need that tomorrow. it was just an idea to improve things in the future. i don’t know chickenshit about scripting though so any attempt to make something like this happening is highly apprechiated! what you describe seems to be a workable solution at least.

an ideal solution for me would be like an automation device, but more flexible in terms of the instruments / dsps you can control with.

like with 3 drop-down menus for every slider:
-one for track number
-one for dsp-device
-one for parameter

i don’t really know an elegant way to make this work for vst-instruments as they are not bound to a certain track. maybe choose INST in the track number menu, then the specific instrument in the device menu?