Automation disappears?

Ok so I’ve been learning how to use the automation, which is something I’ve never done before in any DAW, and I’m having some fun with it. So here’s what’s up.

I have a VST instrument and I used Meta>*Instr. Automation, went to automation and selected the volume parameter, and created a volume fade in. Cool. Liked the sound of it. Move on to other parts of the song. I make a new instrument by dragging in a sample on a different instrument, insert some notes, and, now I want to adjust the automation I created. But IT’S GONE. I mean, it’s still there somewhere because I can still hear it fading in when I listen to it, but when I go to automation tab it’s just not there anymore to select and edit. I don’t even know if it makes a difference but I did make sure I had the right instrument selected, and nothing is there except the default panning volume width.

What am I overlooking here?

Automation are on Tracks, not attached to Instruments. Are you in the right Track and Pattern?

Find the Instrument Automation Device, easiest way is look in the Mixer. There there is a little, square symbol to show there is some automation, which changes colour depending on if there’s any in the current pattern or only elsewhere in the song.

Are you in the right track with the cursor?
Automation is tied to the track, not the instrument :)

I really need to stop doing these things at 3am. Woosh.

Thank you.