automation editor, coloring patterns

Just for workflow purpose, it would be quite useful, when the pattern parts in the automation editor would be colored like in the matrix. This would be much easier to identify parts, which have notes in it.

Btw. cant attach files in the new forum.

Sounds good +1,

Really hope a future update will give the automation editor a thorough overhaul, expandable (detachable) tab, being able to have ‘automated parameters’ shown only, at the same time on top of each other…

I like that right now we can have the pattern editor & automation editor in one screen, being able to step through the pattern editor to each note-event and change values in the automation editor accordingly. If there would be a visualisation of notes inside the automation editor, you could do the same note for note parameter change in the other screen set-ups as well.

The automation editor and the arranger are both places where I wish we also weren’t jailed into a single pattern at a time. It would be really cool if i could freely drag curve vertices across a pattern break without having to diddle with it so much.