Automation Envelop Question

yes, it is possible to copie parametre of an automation enveloppe to a track?

and vis versa

For automating native fx, you can right clik on slider, but it is not possible with vst fx, because of there own panel

how do you do ?

only envelop?

thank you

If I got you right… check in the Track DSP tab, in the bottom left corner where u see the list of native DSP effects… by browsing down you see another “dir” named Meta Devices. Among those Meta Devices you find *vstiAutomateDevice… that’s a device that allows you to take control of any VSTi parameter via Automation envelopes…

Hah, this time I refreshed first before replying!

I think modmaker is looking for a way to edit VSTfx parameters in the same way as VSTi params, in the effect column of a track. Strange, I guess I never noticed you couldn’t! Envelopes are just so much nicer…

As far as I know (not far) there’s no way to translate between envelopes and in-track values. Sure would be nice.

:D yes

ok i must use envelop

i like but its a little cpu comsuming, and i have only a celeron 700

so i try to be as light as i can

thank you mans

use “point” evelopes, if you can; they are lighter