Automation: Envelope vs Note effect. Priority

Maybe I just don’t understand the principal. I can do automation via the automation lane or via track effect commands. The automation lane seems to have priority over track effects.

Is there any reason why there are no automation lanes generated when using track effects commands and vice versa?


I’m not sure, but some parameters probably don’t use the same resolution as the envelopes. Also, it is probably not suitable for the tracker’s own performance.

In addition, there is no advantage to draw an envelope automatically when the parameters written on the tracker exist. Either you use the parameters or you use the envelopes. The tracker will take priority to one thing over the other, I suppose, if they both conflict. Or put another way, why do you write parameters if you can do it with the envelopes.

That said, I have to say that automation in Renoise is very powerful. However, it is a pity that the automation editor is not better. I would pay a new license just to see the damn improved editor!

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For simple fade ins/ outs I prefer the effect commands as I directly see if there’s an automation going on. For more complex stuff the lanes are better. Anyway you answered my question :slight_smile: I guess the automation will be improved in one of the next updates.