Automation Except For 1 Track And Fade-out

  1. What would be the fastest way to, for example, fade in the whole pattern except one track, which would have no fade-in?
    I don’t want to automate all the tracks. Is this possible?

  2. Does there exist a command in Renoise with which you can fade out a pattern without automation so that you can have the same pattern repeated a few times and with each play the pattern would be lowering the volume? (You could do this in IT, if you know what I mean.)

What would be nice, for example: automate a fade in/out on the master and set a command in one track to be excluded from the automation.

Other than that the fastest way is probably by putting a send device on all tracks to be automated and do the automation on the send track, right?

about 2:
sorry, there is no channel volume slide command