"Automation Following" interferes w/ LUA automation write


If the song option"Automation Following" is enabled, precise automation writing using LUA API will not work properly. The initial value will bounce in between here and there.

Expected result:

Automation writing should work just normal, even with"Automation Following" option enabled

Actual result:

The initial value / slider value of the dsp device will bounce in between here and there while recording.

Tested on macOS Renoise.


Also please add to API:

renoise.song().transport.automation_following, _observable
-> [boolean]

Currently missing.

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I was kind of stupid that I deleted those images and topics. Sorry. Actually I tried to reproduce this some days ago, seems to me it only happens with specific VSTis. For testing I was using gui automation recorder tool. Sadly I don’t remember the VSTi I used here. Maybe it was Zebra. Will retry.