"Automation Following" interferes w/ LUA automation write

(ffx) #1


If the song option"Automation Following" is enabled, precise automation writing using LUA API will not work properly. The initial value will bounce in between here and there.

Expected result:

Automation writing should work just normal, even with"Automation Following" option enabled

Actual result:

The initial value / slider value of the dsp device will bounce in between here and there while recording.

Tested on macOS Renoise.


(ffx) #2

Also please add to API:

renoise.song().transport.automation_following, _observable
-> [boolean]

Currently missing.

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(ffx) #4

I was kind of stupid that I deleted those images and topics. Sorry. Actually I tried to reproduce this some days ago, seems to me it only happens with specific VSTis. For testing I was using gui automation recorder tool. Sadly I don’t remember the VSTi I used here. Maybe it was Zebra. Will retry.