Automation Grid Limitation?

it seems that 2 automation points cant be on the same location for instant square like automation?
how do you go about that?

Change the envelope type to Point instead of Linear or Cubic.

Or use the search feature and find this has been quite heavily requested in the past.

ok. but can automation grid be narrowed? if the pattern lenght in lines is set to 64 but in some place i want automation to be 128.
also if the pattern lenght is set to 64 but i want a beat to be faster in some places can it be done without changind the main pattern lenght?

Sorry I don’t quite understand what you mean.

You can only enter automation points on the line in Renoise. If you have Linear or Cubic set as curve type it will calculate values between the lines (or so I’m told, I found this not to be true with 1.5? 1.9? and had to render from half BPM to get the effect I wanted in track but not tested since) so unless you want to actually set a value between lines it should not matter.

Faster beat? You can use retrigger (0Exx) effects. Or you can use pattern commands to set certain patterns to double the LPB if you want to, but have most of it as the slower, easier to read resolution, if you are only using it occasionally.

Hope that makes some kind of sense and is helpful.