Automation - How To Deal With It?

Hi. I’m really easily confused. I didn’t know that selecting multiple patterns in the Pattern Matrix, and right-clicking on the automation and choosing “process->create exponential curve” creates it everywhere.

my question is this. how do i create an exponential curve, for the volume automation, from the Pattern Matrix? is it possible to add “create exponential curve” to the Pattern Matrix context menu so that it would automatically grok that we’re talkin about the volume…

also, how does someone “disconnect” from pattern follow, from the automation editor? can that big scrollbar be used to disconnect from pattern follow, please??
(edit: was able to solve this thanks to the lua api :) - i t’s not automatic, but at least i have a pattern follow off command quite near the automation editor.

Ok, added “Switch to Automation” to the Pattern Matrix right-mousebutton context menu. It seems to help at least a bit - and it seems to be cursor-dependent so if i click on track 8 w/ right mouse button, i get to it’s automation. If only this could be used to call that Process->Create Exponential Curve - and directly to, Volume, this could be used for pattern matrix rightclicking in a volume fade-in.

renoise.tool():add_menu_entry {  
name = "Pattern Matrix:Switch to Automation",  
invoke = function()  
 local w =  
 w.active_lower_frame = 2  
end }   

(edit: decided to add follow_player false to the pattern matrix “switch to automation”…
(edit2: okay, now have “pattern follow off” on the right mouse button context menu of the automation editor itself)

renoise.tool():add_menu_entry {  
name = "Track Automation:Stop Pattern Follow",  
invoke = function()  
end }