Automation Ideas

I like that you all added the Zoom to the automation, and I was quite suprised to see in the mixer mode I could follow all the automation on the sliders! Very Nice!

I have to feature requests.

  • In mixer mode I wish there was a menu option to show only those DSP sliders that are effected by automation or pattern commands.
  • In the automation control, I wish I could know the exact values of what I was setting something to with a tool tip or something. Also dbl clicking the point and typing a value would also be nice.

Thank you

Keep ctrl key pressed and the tooltip value remains visible also when adjusting it.
The precise value is a wish of many.
For now, use the trick by entering the exact first node value in the slider value box of the dsp/vst, doubleclick the parameter in the automation to get the first node in there, then select that node by clicking straight above or below it in one of the ruler bars and then copy / paste it on any spot you like that value duplicated.

This sounds like a very good idea!

How about the Mixers that are not affected are “dimmed”/faded/shadowed, sort of? And the ones that are being used are “normal”…

You know I absolutely love being able to record my dsp changes in the mixer view, because the global view of it all is… I don’t know… it is psychologically better or something. I can’t tell you why but I never recorded my dsp changes while playing. Now I do it all the time in the mixer view.

Hey, one thing I don’t like is that if I am not recording to the automation it records over things in the pattern effect commands column. I wish it would add a new column while recording so it wouldn’t kill the existing data.