Automation in VSTi


Alright, so I finally downloaded the 303-wanna-be Tau Bassline (and hey, it’s pretty nifty!) Now, I twitch and turn on these knobs and the sound go “WHEEEEEZ”, what I wanna know is… is it possible to automate a knob in a VST instrument? I mean, I wanna automate, let’s say, the “cut-off” on this, so that the pitch goes higher and higher as the song progresses… is this possible, or is there some other way to do it? (Except, of course, adding a filter on this, even tho it would probably do the trick, hehe, but hey, instruments are fun!)

Any suggestions? :blink:

A hardcore Prodigy-FatboySlim-Chembros fan! :yeah:


Hey, alright thanks, I’ll do some more research next time before I post stupid questions like that up here, I’m just so damn impatient though hehe, sorry


Thanks again Tho!!!